diets containing seaweed reduced the occurrence of ovarian, breast and endometrial cancer.

Seaweed is known to be used in Chinese cuisine

Its compounds can also reduce risk factors for diabetes, such as inflammation, high levels of fat and insulin sensitivity. The fiber in them can help feed the gut bacteria, which break the fiber down into compounds that improve gut health and immune system health. seaweed: Discover 9 nutrient-rich and healthy algaeMarine algae belong to the group of plants

Thalophytas, are asexual and have a unicellular reproductive system. They are considered primitive organisms, as they do not contain sap, roots, leaves, flowers, seeds and fruits. They are important for the human economy, as they are used as raw material for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industry and also as

Culture media for production of bacteria and fungi.

but there are other ways to consume it and its nutritional powers are surprising. And have you tried it? Do you know the benefits of these superfoods? In this article you will find out more about:What are seaweedSeaweed BenefitsTypes of algaeWhat are seaweedSeaweed is considered the lungs of the world. They produce more oxygen through photosynthesis than they use to breathe, and this oxygen that is not used is released into the environment.

  • The surplus goes to the atmosphere, which corresponds to almost 55% of all oxygen on the planet. Algae are subdivided into microalgae and
  • macroalgae. Macroalgae are visible to the naked eye because they are larger. Most of them are found fixed in rocks, but they can also be found in
  • coral reefs, port pillars, boat hulls and mangrove roots. Always in environments with the presence of nutrients and light, while the microalgae belonging to phytoplankton are blue algae, green algae, dinoflagellates, euglenophytes, pyrrophytes and chrysophytes.

Seaweeds are essential in the marine life cycle since they support herbivorous animals . These underpin the carnivores, and so diante.As main functions of the algae are the production of oxygen to all the fauna and also serve as food for herbivorous animals such as crabs and peixes.Elas are able to deliver more oxygen than the Amazon, because the forest consumes a large part of the oxygen it produces. And do you know what are the main benefits that these algae can bring to our health?

Check it out below!Benefits of seaweedSome algae have a high iodine content and are able to act protecting the body against radiation and also being important for the thyroid. Seaweed: happy woman Because they contain enough magnesium, they are excellent to help prevent inflammation of the coronary arteries, migraines, symptoms of asthma and menopause.

Diets containing seaweed reduced the occurrence of ovarian, breast and endometrial cancer.

A study at the University of Berkeley found that But what types of seaweed can we consume? Find out below!Discover 9 types of algaeWe can identify some types of algae that bring us lots of nutrients, including vitamins and minerals for a balanced diet. Check it out below:1. NORIKnown as red algae because of the presence of biliproteins, which opaque the green color of chlorophyll.

 They are species rich in vitamins, minerals and with good amounts of protein.2. AGAR-AGARAgar is a substance that structures the cell walls of marine algae in the Red Sea. It helps in the regulation of intestinal transit . In addition, it has vitamins that help strengthen nails and hair, contributes to satiety and weight control. 3. DULSEIt is characterized by its red color and is widely used as a spice due to its flavor. It contains minerals such as iron, potassium, magnesium, iodine and phosphorus.4. HIZIKIIt is very rich in calcium and iron.

It has a texture similar to that of wire, but it is thicker and has a stronger flavor.5. IRISH MOSSUsed to solidify food, this seaweed is also known as “Irish moss”.6. KELPUsed in many ready-made preparations, it has a color that varies between light brown and dark green.7. KOMBUDark in color, it can be cooked with beans to make the beans softer and easier to digest. It can also be used in soups and broths.8. WAKAMEIt is rich in iodine, magnesium, iron and proteins.

 The seaweed is recommended to accompany soups

and vegetables and has a mild and sweet taste.9. LITHOTHAMNIUM CALCAREUMA source of calcium, this seaweed brings countless benefits to the human body, helping to maintain muscle tissues and prevent bone and joint diseases . It is also an important nutrient to strengthen immunity. Lithothamnium algae also contains magnesium which helps to fix calcium in the bones. Consumer formulations are enriched with vitamins D

diets containing seaweed reduced the occurrence of ovarian, breast and endometrial cancer. and K which further increase the absorption and fixation of calcium in bones, teeth and joints. Summing up:Although very similar to vegetables, algae have a simpler structure, as they do not contain stems, leaves or roots. As we have seen, they are fundamental for the balance of the marine ecosystem and the benefits are also of extreme importance for human health . Seaweed is composed of nutrients such as iodine, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and iron.

They help to strengthen the immune system, improve the functioning of the thyroid, act as anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.Liked?Go to the website and include it in your food! To close, I’m leaving a gift for you who read the blogpost until the end: a 15% discount coupon on Calcium, Agar-agar and other superfoods on the Ocean Drop website! click on this link to access the website and apply the “superblog” coupon at checkout to save on your purchase!

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